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Dinghy Seamanship Skills

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This is a two day course, the second day will be Sunday

Product Description

On completion of a Seamanship skills course, you will be able to manoeuvre a dinghy/keelboat in a seamanlike manner making seamanship decisions in moderate conditions.
Tuition will be given by trained instructors, most of the work afloat will be done without an instructor aboard. The emphasis is on increasing the self-reliance and decision making.
Assumed knowledge:
Sailing skills to the standard of the Level 3 / youth stage 4, or Level 2 plus a season’s experience
Minimum duration:
2 days (or equivalent sessions)
Minimum age:
Course content:
Launching and recovering the boat in different circumstances, stopping, reducing sail, recovering a man overboard, anchoring
Ability after course:
Able to handle a wide range of situations afloat
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All courses are subject to sufficient numbers and suitable weather conditions and are non-residential.  In the case of insufficient numbers being booked you will be notified in the week leading up to the course and offered an alternative date.

Session times included kitting-up and safety & equipment briefing.

Outdoor activities are potentially dangerous activities, all participants must be aware of the risks. Bear Creek Adventure Ltd is under no liability whatsoever in respect of loss/damage to property, injury or death.

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